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PT. Sei Mitra Global has been joinning in line of local and world trade, specifically in the procurement and processing of spices and bio mess in Indonesia. With the knowledge and experience gained over the past 15 years, as well as the participation in the conference of the international trade in some developed countries such as USA, Japan, Holland, Germany & most oher countries in Europe, Thailand, Korea, and Tiongkok which addresses product quality, certification, and last but not least on the issue of sustainable products, has brought PT. Sei Mitra Global become one of the trusted by customers and has a network of the overseas markets.

With the ability and confidence is built on trust, hard work, and relationships that are so broad, PT. Sei Mitra Global is also developing a trade of business in supply and alternative energy sources, such as palm kernel shell, briquette, solar energy, and the possible discovery of other alternative energy sources.
PT. Sei Mitra Global decided to take part in this effort, since lately the demand for alternative energy products and bio diesel skyrocketed up, as some countries such as Germany or most Europian Coutries, Japan, Tiangkok, Korea, Thailand and also Middle East Coutries have to tap imports through import regulations they have made, considering the price of fuel is relatively inexpensive, environmentally friendly, renewable, and reduce the costs at the expense of the environment.

Capitalize on existing concrete market network and relationships with multiple suppliers, raw materials processing center, the bureaucracy to move the development of creative ideas and access resources, have made the existence of PT. Sei Mitra Global to engage fully and focus on the processing of natural resources is updated DAPT, either in the form of agricultural products, farm, and industrial, as well as scrap or waste from the production process itself.

Therefore, PT. Sei Mitra Global started development of a waste treatment facility to serve the agricultural and industrial sources of alternative energy, and has received very good response from the local and international markets.

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